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''Pearl of Love'' Bracelet
''Pearl of Love'' Bracelet
''Pearl of Love'' Bracelet
''Pearl of Love'' Bracelet

''Pearl of Love'' Bracelet

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Beautiful bracelet with pearly Moretti glass bead with a diameter of 8 mm. The ashes are integrated into the molten material and the round ball is mounted on a heart-shaped sterling silver bracelet.

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by Quebec jewelers and a certificate of authenticity is provided with the shipment of your order. Unique and of superior quality, wearing this cinerary jewelry is an intimate and original way to keep your loved ones close to you.

* Ashes are not visible because a lacquer is added on the glass.

Diameter of the Pearl: 8 mm

Amount of ash needed: 1 teaspoon 

Procedure for sending ashes for the Memorable Collection (2 options):

Option 1: Bring the ashes yourself to our workshop located in St-Charles-Borromée (north of Joliette, Qc). Cremation Jewelries will contact you to make an appointment;

Option 2: Routing the ashes to our workshop via Canada Post (or other carrier).


1. Using a spoon, place about 1 teaspoons for each order in a small, airtight resealable bag or medicine container;

2. Print the copy of your invoice OR on a sheet of paper, enter your full contact information and the number of your order that was provided to you at the time of your purchase;

3. If shipped by Canada Post (or other carrier), place the ashes and paper inside an envelope, enter your contact information in the "sender" area and enter the following address in the "recipient" area:

Cremation Jewelries
660-D, rue de la Visitation
St-Charles-Borromée, Québec
J6E 7S3

* It is strongly recommended that you use the service with tracking number and signature upon delivery from Canada Post and provide us with the tracking number.

* Delivery time from receipt of ashes:

The sending of ashes is at the expense of the customer. The shipping costs of the orders are assumed by Cremation Jewelries.

You have questions? Contact us and we will answer you promptly:

Contact us page

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