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About Us

                                                  Who Are We? 

Founded in 2017, we are a Quebec-based company specializing in the distribution of funeral jewelry and products designed to honor the memory of a loved one. With the ultimate goal of always offering you the best, each of our suppliers and subcontractors is carefully selected. In other words, we surround ourselves with only the best in the business.

                                                   Our Mission

To allow you to live more serenely the departure of a loved one by offering you the possibility to keep his precious stardust with you, forever.

                                                Why Choose Us?

We are pleased and grateful to have a satisfaction rate of over 97%. No effort is neglected in order to offer you the best services and products. For us, each customer is unique and deserves to be treated as if he were a member of our family.

We regularly receive true and spontaneous testimonials from our customers. Each one of them touches us enormously and motivates us to pursue our mission with love and passion testimonials

                                     Exceptional After-Sales Service

Our great strength is certainly our after-sales service. We are aware that it will be difficult for you to find a jeweler who will accept to repair your funeral jewelry once the ashes are inside your jewelry. That is why when you buy from us, you will benefit from a one (1) year limited warranty. Our professional jewelers will be happy to take care of your precious jewel.

                                             Too Good To Be True!

One of the most popular marketing strategies in the jewelry industry is called "the fake discount". This strategy consists of making consumers believe that the price displayed is greatly reduced compared to the regular price, at all times. Did you know that this practice is illegal? Moreover, this strategy of low prices throughout the year is often a sign of unreliable after-sales service, or that the business is short-lived or in financial difficulty.

In our company, we prefer to offer you the right price that includes an exceptional after-sales service. After all, it is your loved one's ashes that are in your jewelry.