About Us

Who am I? 

I am Caroline Trudel and I founded Cremation Jewelries in 2017 following the death of my maternal grandmother. Her departure caused a huge void. I would have liked so much to keep a part of her, with me, forever. 

As this was not possible, I made a promise to myself: to prevent as many bereaved people as possible from experiencing this emptiness that hurts so much, or at the very least, to put a balm on their heart. 

For me, family is the most sacred thing in my eyes. I carefully select all my partners and make sure that they share my values and treat each client as if they were a member of their own family.

About Funeral Products Cremation Jewelry?

We are a Quebec company specializing in the international distribution of funeral jewelry and products designed to honor the memory of a Loved one.

My mission

To allow you to live more serenely the departure of a Loved one by offering you the possibility to keep his precious stardust with you, forever.

More than a simple transaction!

Serving you with warmth, empathy and authenticity is my priority. When you come to meet me, there is no pressure or prejudice. We take the time to select THE jewel that will make you feel that your Loved one is still close to you.

Caroline Trudel, founder