What is a cinereal jewel?

A cremation jewelry is a jewel that has been poured into a mold that contains a small chamber that may contain liquid or solid such as ash. It can also be called cinerary, funeral, crematory or reliquary.

Wearing a funeral jewel is a personal and simple way to commemorate a loved one or his pet. After the loss and cremation of a loved one, you may feel a great need to have it near you or placed at a place that the person particularly liked. This reliquary can contain a pinch of ash, perfume, and a lock of hair or even a small piece of fabric.

Can I wear a cremation jewelry even if I do not put ashes inside?

Although the primary function of our cinerary jewelry is to contain ash, many of our customers buy our pendants simply for their beauty or because they serve as a lucky charm.

How is the transfer of ashes in the jewel?

With the delivery of your pendant, you will receive a small spoon, a funnel with an opening adapted to the size of your jewelry and a square-headed needle to push the ashes into the jewel.

Simply place the funnel at the opening of the pendant and fill it to 80% capacity so that you can make sure the screw closes completely.

To prevent your jewel from opening and thus risk losing ashes, it is suggested that you apply a very small amount of epoxy glue on the tip of a toothpick and place it on the side the screw that will seal your jewel.

Quickly insert the screw into your jewel while making sure the chain is on the side you wish to wear your pendant.

We recommend that you wait 24 hours before wearing it to make sure the glue is completely dry.

How much ash can contain each model?

The quantity that can be contained in the pendants depends on the model you choose. In some cases, this is a tiny amount while other models may contain up to one tablespoon of ash.

What is your cremation jewelry made of?

The majority of our cremation jewels are made of 316L stainless steel which is a very solid metal, does not tarnish, does not deform, is hypoallergenic, has a color that harmonizes with all styles and most importantly it is very economical. For other types of metals (sterling silver and gold), we invite you to click on the following link: 


What can the pendant contain aside from the ashes?

Some people prefer to deposit perfume, hair or sand.

Can I bring my own pendant to the crematorium of my choice?

Please refer to the crematorium to see if he agrees to deposit the ashes inside a cremation jewel that was not bought in his trade. Generally, they accept coining a cost for the gesture. If so, you can perform the action yourself from the moment you take possession of the deceased's ashes.

What are the deadlines for delivery?

Since we stock the majority of our cinerary jewelry, we offer a free express 5 business days shipping in Canada. However, in some cases, the delay can be up to 5 weeks depending on the availability of our products. Please refer to the description of each of our pendants to know the standard delivery time.

Can they be engraved?

Many of our cremation pendants can be engraved if space and the model allow it. If the engraving option is not among the choices when you buy, please contact us to see if this is possible

Is there any risk that the pendant opens?

Our pendants are equipped with a clasp that screws. Whatever it is, we suggest to our customers to apply a small amount of epoxy glue to the mechanism before screwing it in. Thus, the small door will be sealed and the contents of the pendant will not be able to leave.

Can I swim or play sports with my pendant?

The cremation pendant remains a jewel and like all jewelry, it asks that one takes care of it. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to wear it for so-called normal uses. We can not guarantee its quality if it underwater, soap, earth, etc.

What does the law on the disposal of ashes say?

According to the Civil Code of Québec, a person may choose to be cremated after his or her death. Following the incineration, the relatives receive the ashes, which they can dispose of as they wish unless the deceased has expressed his wishes in this respect. They can, for example,
- Keep them;
- Dispersing them;
- Place them in a columbarium;
- To bury them;
- Divide them into several lots;
- etc.

DISPOSAL OF HUMAN ASHES (Province of Quebec, Canada)

Funeral Activities Act, s. 70-71

Law 66 passed on 17 February 2016

70. Human ashes may only be delivered by the funeral service company to one person and must be delivered in one or more containers in which all ashes must be distributed. The funeral service company must enter in its funeral registry the information prescribed by government regulation.  

71. No one may disperse human ashes in a place where it could constitute a nuisance or in a manner that does not respect the dignity of the deceased person.

* For other provinces and territories in Canada, please refer to applicable legislation.