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Choosing the right metal for your jewelry

How to choose the right metal for your jewelry?

When it comes to choosing your jewelry, knowing the different types of metals used can be important. To make an informed choice based on your style, budget, skin type and taste, we suggest you review our most popular metal choices.

14 carat gold

Pure gold is 24 carats. On the other hand, it is too soft to be able to make jewels of it. It must therefore be combined with other metals to give it resistance. Most of the time, it is the money that is chosen to give this solidity. As for 14 carat gold, is the most popular in its category and contains only 58.3% of the precious metal. At the base, gold is yellow, so to give the platinum color to white gold or pink gold, gold is combined with nickel and zinc. Gold is an excellent choice if you tend to dull your jewelry.

925 silver (sterling)

925 silver is a fine metal, 92.5% of which is fine silver. Often this metal is alloyed with another metal, usually copper. That's why it's best to make sure you don't react to copper, in which case you would tarnish your jewelry and risk having a greenish tinge to your neck. In case your silver jewelry loses its shine, use Grandma's old-fashioned method: water and vinegar work miracles.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a durable metal. It is known not to tarnish and not to lose its luster. Wear it for any occasion. With its grey color, it will match all your outfits. It is also a choice to consider for alliances. Stainless steel is an economical choice without neglecting the look!


Titanium is a very light, durable and corrosion resistant metal. It therefore does not tarnish. This metal is less hard than tungsten. However, it offers an extraordinary brilliance. Light, it gives the impression of not wearing anything. This metal is quite economical.